Rim trees

Rim tree

Rim tree up to tyre width 295mm

190.93 kr.

Rim tree

Rim tree up to tyre width 225mm

159.59 kr.

2An item which is marked as “available” is offered by one of dækekspert.dk’s suppliers. The delivery time of this item is approximately 7 working days. Please keep in mind that the item has to be ordered for you by dækekspert.dk, and that the availability of this item is given with the reservation of the actual availability at our supplier’s.

All prices are VAT inclusive.
Tyres shown will be delivered without rims. Tread pattern may be different depending on tyre width.

* Delivery within Denmark is free from 1 motorcycle tyre, 1 rim or 1 complete wheel. For car tyres, off-road tyres or van tyres the delivery is free from 2 tyres or more. For Greenland and Faroe Islands a delivery is not possible at all.